i95 Cup
Image by Wendy Aros-Routman


10am – 5pm

76ers Fieldhouse



2020 I95 CUP


Arrival: Players will be asked to arrive by 9am

• Players’ temperatures will be taken on arrival and asked to sign a waiver.

• Players will then receive helmets and full uniforms.

• Parents will not be permitted on field. There is full 2nd floor viewing of entire field from balcony.


AM Session: 10am – 12pm

• Full warm up and drill session

• Live reps with all players



• Lunch


1pm: Players are expected on field with full uniforms ready to compete. Officials will be on hand for group explanation of the rules.


Tournament 1:30pm


Each team of 8 will play once in a round robin series. There will be 8 rounds per matchup with each FO man taking a turn to compete per matchup (best of 5). Each FO win counts as a point for their team. Winner of each match is determined by pts. If there is a tie than the team to win the most matchups is the tie break winner. If that is also a tie than each coach will select one player for an additional overtime matchup.


After the round robin, the four teams with the most total points will compete in the semifinals. Winners play in the championship.



Due to Covid, we know that players have lost a lot of recruiting exposure. With the rule change to SNG only, college coaches are begging for a chance to evaluate. This competition will be strict NCAA rules meaning no knee down or moto grip faceoffs. There will be an ipad streaming on all fields the whole day. Coaches, parents, friends can register to view the stream for free via this zoom link:


After the event the entire event will be uploaded to youtube for coaches to see.


Safety Protocols:


Aside from temps being taken. Each official and coach will be asked to wear a mask. Officials will have an electronic hand whistle as well so that they can safely execute strict NCAA mechanics. Additional masks will also be provided free of charge by Pro Athletics.

Need a Hotel? Our Suggestion –  


• 2.3 miles from the 76ers Fieldhouse

• Rate of $99 + per night 

For quick and easy bookings, they can easily click on the following link to make their reservations online :

Hotel Reservation Link for the I-95 Cup August 2020

Families can also contact the hotel directly at 302-594-3100 to make reservations by phone and ask for the I-95 Cup discounted rate.


WHY THE I95 Cup?

As a face-off midfielder, ever wonder what area of the country produces the best?

Ever read about face-off guys from other areas and wish you could go against them?

There are plenty of individual tournaments out there where individual players are crowned champions, but what area has the overall best??

The I-95 Cup is not your ordinary face-off tournament.

It’s the ultimate challenge to see which AREA of the country has the most talented face-off midfielders.

The top players from 6 different areas will meet for a 1 day tournament at the 76ers Fieldhouse in an intense, never before seen style tournament.

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