Main Events
Image by Wendy Aros-Routman

FOA Main Events are 2 hour training combines for 5th - 12th grade athletes of all skill levels.  Each athlete learns the entirety of the FOA system,  works in partnered groups on technique and drill sets (within their age groups) and finishes with a fun and competitive tournament mode to test their skills in live competition.   Each Main event features a 1 hour VIP training session option that athletes can register for at an additional cost.  VIP sessions are small group, private training events where the athletes learn advanced movement techniques and have their skills recorded via video to be analyzed and shared for future improvement.  

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Arizona Draw Days
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DCA Raleigh

August 13

FOA Orlando

June 3

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MD Friday Night Fights

August 12

DCA Long Island

August 6

FOA Atlanta

June 7

FOA Vermont

June 13

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FOA Championship Draw Day

May 29

FOA Ohio

June 5

Socal Mini Tour
Tour Pushed to FALL