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Image by Wendy Aros-Routman

The FOA Western Showcase - DETAILS COMING SOON

Image by Wendy Aros-Routman

FOAWS21 Highlights

Back for year 3!  Better facilities, tougher competition, bigger coaching.  The same Gold Standard event you’re used to with the FOA.  

Every year many of the best FaceOff men in the country descend on New Jersey for the annual National Showcase. It’s now time for the west to get their chance to host an event with just as much prestige. Introducing the Western Showcase.


The one-day showcase event will feature 100 of the best FaceOff men from around the country grades 7-12 as they train in a morning combine with the entire FOA staff. In the afternoon session, athletes will battle in a group-play style round-robin format. The winners of each group will face off in a head-to-head best of 5 playoffs. Officiated by US Lacrosse sanctioned referees and all competition will be recorded for recruiting highlight purposes.

The winners of each division will receive the coveted FOA Cascade Custom helmet trophies. Registration is now LIVE. We will have a strict limit as we prepare for the biggest FaceOff event the west has ever seen.

Be The Best Out West!

The 2023 Western Showcase will include the following 2 session Format:

Session 1: Western Advanced Combine

- Training - Field Specific Dynamic Warmup & Mobility

- We will be implementing a multi-field training rotation. Four groups will rotate through

different dimensions of training focus. This will break up the training so that athletes

can stay focused on a single key portion of their overall training throughout the session

and finish in a comprehensive training experience.

- Dimension 1 - SNG offensive focused Live reps


- Dimension 2- Wing Play breakdown, strategies, and execution

- Dimension 3 - SNG counter focused Live reps

- Dimension 4 - Ground Ball and stick work-focused


- Live Reps


- Groups will be created by computer randomization to guarantee objectivity.

Instagram @TheFaceOffAcademy and posted on the fields before play.


Session 2: The Western Championship

- FOA Western Championship - Session 2 will feature athletes from each age division competing in a head-to-head FaceOff tournament. This tournament will decide a champion of each age group as well as an overall champion.

- 6 classes
Each class is broken up into randomized groups. Within the group, the athletes will all FO in a best of 3. The players will then be ranked based on total FO wins. In the case of a tie, Head to head match up will determine the tiebreaker.

- Each group winner will then enter a single-elimination playoff bracket. Best of 5 head-to-head.

- Winner from each bracket will FaceOff in "Champions Round" to determine the overall Field winner.


- 3 runners up from the champions round will compete in the "Redemption Bracket" for the 4th place spot in the semi-finals.

- The Semis and Championship will be best of 7.



Each Athlete will be given a 2023 Western Showcase Uniform. Numbered jersey and shorts.

We ask that each athlete wear their entire uniform at the event


When you register you will be asked to fill out a recruiting profile that will be added to our 2022 Recruit booklet. This booklet will be sent to each school on our email list.

Every FaceOff of the Tournament will be recorded so athletes will have access to the footage later for recruiting/film study purposes.

We will also have a professional photographer and videographer on staff to give athletes full access to content that they can use for social media, etc.

Coaching Staff

The FaceOff Academy Coaching Staff

- Greg Gurenlian (FOA NY)

- Jerry Ragonese (FOA NJ) 

- Peyton Smith (FOA NC)

- Jason Filios (FOA TX)

- Ted Ottens (FOA CT)

-Brendan Fowler (FOA LI)

-Nick Mcevoy (FOA VA)

-Zack Ornstein (FOA FL)


Cascade/Maverik will be providing our famous Helmet trophy collaboration with Pro Athletics for all 6 class champions.


We will have apparel and FOAWS23 gear on sale at the event as well as an upcoming Online store (Pro Athletics) that will be announced soon.

Equipment Needs

All players will need a helmet, gloves, and arm pads. With the players playing to the possession, everyone needs to wear arm pads.

The best option for shoes would be what you would wear on field turf, our coaches prefer cleats for this surface.

Water: Our sponsors Motive Pure will be supplying electrolytes and Water jugs.  We HIGHLY recommend that each athlete brings their own water bottle with name clearly marked so they can fill up water easily when needed.




Athletic Facilities:

#FOAWS23 Eve Draw Day

 6:30 - 8pm 

- Early registration and access to player packs

- Live reps and final technique tweaks with coaches

- $50 per player

FOA Western Showcase

Session 1: Combine 

9am - 12pm (Check in Begins at 8am)

Lunch Break 12 - 1pm

Session 2:  Championships

1 - 4pm 


Fees includes training, tournament, recruiting booklet, showcase uniform

Need a Hotel