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December the show is BACK.


Thursday July 1: Invite Night

Friday July 2: Open Registration

Friday December 3:  #Foans21 eve DD

Saturday December 4: #FOANS21


Image by Wendy Aros-Routman

The worlds greatest FaceOff Specific event.  The highest level of training and competition. 250 of the best Faceoff men from grades 7-12 competing and training together with the best FO staff ever assembled.  


SAVE THE DATES: December the show is BACK.


Thursday July 1: Invite Night

Friday July 2: Open Registration

Friday December 3:  #Foans21 eve DD

Saturday December 4: #FOANS21

New Tournament Format

Guest speaker: Coach Wellner (Notre Dame)

Over 20 Colleges represented on Staff

The only national FO event for FaceOff men, BY FaceOff men.  #BecomeLegendary

Trainer: Mike Stella - The Movement Underground

Strength Coach: Andrew Abt - Abtsolute Training

Speaker:  Ryan Wellner (Notre Dame)

Speaker: Corey Bulken


If you are looking to get dialed in the night before the event,

sign up for the FOANS Eve Event.

The FaceOff Academy 2021 National Showcase 


Session 1: National Combine

8 - 11am

  • Dynamic Warm Up and Mobility - Andrew Abt Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach (

  • FO specific Warm Up - Layers and foot work (bottom sidewall, top sidewall, first step counter)

  • We will be implementing a multi-field training rotation. Four groups will rotate through different dimensions of training focus. This will break up the session so that athletes can stay focused on a single key portion of their overall training throughout the session.

  • Dimension 1 – Dummy Draws + Small Group - First Move exit, roll away and pass

    • Demonstrate technique, footwork and stick skills

  • Dimension 2 – GB Specific Drill sets + Small group GB

    • Demonstrate body control and ground ball ability

  • Dimension 3 – SNG counter focused Dummy Draws + Live reps

    • Counter skills and secondary footwork 

  • Dimension 4 – Live Reps with parameters 

    • Live rep variations with different designated moves and counters

      Guest Speaker - FOAdvantage Recruiting Coordinator Corey Bulken speaks to players and parents about their recruiting blueprint.  Click Here to learn about FOAdvantage



Session 2:  National Championship

12pm - 5pm (Ending based on pace of competition)

Coaching Speaker - Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator Ryan Wellner speaks to players and parents about the college game and the process of becoming a collegiate athlete.  Click here for coach’s bio

  • FOA National Championship – Session 2 will feature athletes from each age division competing in a head to head FaceOff tournament. This tournament will decide a champion of each age group as well as an overall champion.

  •  6 class brackets – in 2021 we will be introducing our first National Showcase featuring “Group Play”.  Each age division will be broken into groups.  The players in each group will compete in a best of 5 round robin.  The athlete with the most wins in each group will advance to the Elimination round which is best of 5 single elimination. 

  •  Each 1 on 1 matchup is BEST OF 5  – Winner is determined by possession.
    – College level officials with STRICT NCAA SNG ONLY RULES.

  •  Winner from each bracket will FaceOff in “Champions Round” to determine the overall Field winner.

  •  3 runners up from the champions round will compete in the “Redemption Bracket” for the 4th place spot in the semi-finals

 The Semis and Championship will be best of 7.



Each Athlete will be given a Personalized 2020 National Showcase

Uniform with their name on the back (2 Numbered Jerseys, Game Shorts, and Socks).

We ask that each athlete wear their entire uniform in full including socks at the event

Due to personalized uniforms, rosters and recruiting information, Once registered, NO REFUNDS


When you register you will be asked to fill out a recruiting profile that will be added to our 2021 Recruiting booklet. This booklet will be emailed to EVERY D1, D2, D3 & NAIA school in the country.

Also, every FaceOff from the tournament will be recorded and posted for FREE access on our Youtube Channel Click here to subscribe .  These links will also be sent to every collegiate program in the country.  This will also allow any participants to pull the videos of themselves to use for free in their highlight videos.  


We will also have a dedicated Photographer and Videographer on staff to provide additional content that will share for free via drop box so the athletes have photos and videos to use for social media purposes


Coaching Staff

The FaceOff Academy Coaching Staff (click here for full FOA staff bios)

  • Trevor Baptiste - FOA CO/So Cal

  • Brendan Fowler - FOA Long Island

  • Greg Gurenlian - FOA NY/NE

  • Jerry Ragonese - FOA NJ/MD

  • Peyton Smith - FOA Carolina/Atlanta

  • Jake Withers - FOA Canada

  • Colby Cohen - FOA PA

  • Teddy Ottens - FOA CT

  • Jason Filios - FOA Virginia/Texas

  • Anthony Kelly - FOA Ohio

  • Zack Ornstein - FOA Florida

  • Connor Farrell - Farrell FO Training, Long Island 


Collegiate Coaching Staff -  (These coaches will be hands on and full time coaches for this event.  All  now handle the FO responsibilities at their respective schools.) 

  • Jamison Koesterer (Johns Hopkins) 

  • Matt Francis (Providence) 

  • Will Corrigan (Harvard) 

  • Trey Wilkes (Delaware) 

  • Andrew Vossler (Colgate) 

  • Bo Lori (Marquette) 

  • Ron Caputo (Duke) 

  • John Hogan (Richmond)

  • (Staff subject to change)




Once again, each class division winner will be rewarded by our sponsors with 

  • Cascade Lacrosse is providing our staple Helmet trophies with decals by Pro Athletics 

  • Maverik providing custom FOANS21 Gloves

  • East Coast Dyes providing brand new Weapon X FaceOff Heads



We will have an Online store by Pro Athletics dedicated to FOANS21 apparel ready for preorder by September 

(Click here to see our FOA Store)

FOANS hoodies, shirts and joggers will also be on sale at the event


Equipment Needs

All players will need a helmet, gloves and arm pads.   With the players playing to the possession, everyone needs to wear arm pads.

The best option for shoes would be what you would wear on field turf, our coaches prefer to wear cleats on this surface.  



Date & Time

  • December 4th 

  • 8am – 5pm (Check-in on Saturday begins at 7am)

  • Location: Sportika Sports150 Woodward Rd, Manalapan Township, NJ 07726
    Early Invite Registration Fee

  • $500 Fee includes Training, Tournament, recruiting booklet, Showcase T-shirt, Personalized Jersey, Shorts & Socks, Tournament videos and Media

  • Due to personalized uniforms, rosters and recruiting information, Once registered, NO REFUNDS

  • HOTEL: We recommend the Marriott Residence Inn – Residence Inn Cranbury South Brunswick, located at 2662 Route 130, Cranbury, NJ 08512, (609) 395-9447 - We do not have a FOA Room Rate, you are welcome to look at any hotels in the area.  


Registration deadline Is Nov 1 Unless sold out earlier

October 15 is the FINAL date that you can register and still receive your personalized uniform.  Any registrations or waitlisted addition after October 15 will receive a numbered uniform without a name.  



If registration is full for your age group you will be automatically added to the waitlist and notified via email.  As the summer and fall seasons go on we do lose a few players due to injuries, exams, etc.  Players will be auto-added by our system to the active roster in order of registration.  If you are added to the active roster you will be notified via email.  

Due to personalized uniforms, rosters and recruiting information, Once registered, NO REFUNDS

If you have further questions or need additional info, please contact The FOA director of operations at


Our Goal

In its 9th year, The FOA National Showcase continues to be the gold standard for national Faceoff competition and training.  The only FaceOff event on earth FOR FaceOff men, BY FaceOff men.  The FOA is not an events company, our only desire is to continue raising the bar of our beloved position and giving the next generation of FaceOff athletes the experience, opportunity and training they deserve.  There is a reason College Coaches refer to this as the “Super Bowl of FaceOffs” it doesn’t get any bigger than this.  Become Legendary. 

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