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Image by Wendy Aros-Routman

FOANSX Coaches Packet

Hotel (for those that confirmed needing):

Residence Inn Cranbury/South Brunswick 

2662 ROUTE 130,



Sportika Sports

150 Woodward Rd, Manalapan Township, NJ 07726

NCAA Coaches, feel free to arrive at 8am. The event is scheduled to end at 5pm but there is a good chance we’ll be finished closer to 4. We have set up stations and training for FOA staff. But you may feel free to roam and interact as you’d like so you get to see all the stations and players. Please print this packet if you want. To cut down on paper usage I’m sending it to you in advance so you can save it. The rest of this info will be directed towards the FOA Staff.


12pm – arrive at Sportika

Uniform Group: 

Helmet Decal Group:


Arrive at Sportika by 7am (coffee and bagels will be there)

7:15 – Check-In by Class


  • Check in - Mama Beast

  • Packet Runner – Hudson, Nolan, Zack O. 


  • Check in – DC

  • Packet Runner – Jake, Chase, Ted.


  • Check in – Peyton

  • Packet Runner – Tommy, Colby, Jax

Glove Box Enforcers – Jordan & Koby

Training Schedule:

8:30-8:45 – Dynamic Warm-Up (Coach’s choice)

8:45-9:00 – Dummy Draws

  • 3 reps with partner of all 6 layers. Quick exit, roll away and pass back to partner

9:00 – 9:15 – Lives: Top vs Bottom Sidewall (rotate partners every 5 reps)

9:15- 9:30 – Dummy Draws

  • Counter work. (5 reps each of Shovel, Reverse Shovel, Deflate Rake)

9:30 – 9:45 – Lives: Offensive move vs Counter (rotate partners every 5 reps)

9:45 – 10:00 – Lives:  Transitional Moves 

  •  2 Whistles.  1st whistle is initial move and then freeze on impact.  2nd whistle is transitional counter or exit.  

10 – 10:25 – Lives:  Any move the players want (rotate after 5 reps)

10:25 – Send to middle for breakout for lunch.

Combine Training Field Assignments:

Floating: Greg, Jerry, Dan, Corey

Field 4 - 2026

Koby Grinder

Jack Vara

Field 3 - 2027

Hudson Bearden

Nolan Enneguess

Field 5 - 2025 Groups A - E

Jake Phaup

Chase Mullins

Field 6 - 2025 Groups F - J

Zac Tucci

Jordan Ginder/Box

Field 2 - 2028

Tyler Sandoval

Zack Ornstein

Field 7 - 2024 Groups A - D

Ted Ottens

Tommy Burke

Field 1 - 2023

Peyton Smith

Colby Cohen

Field 8 - 2024 Groups E - H

Jax Popovich

Logan Primtaj

Tournament Field Assignments:


- Call out matchup

- Record faceoff with iPad

- Mark down wins/ loses/ circle winner of each matchup to decide group winners

- There will be a designated drop box of each coach to upload their videos to


- Gives tips after each rep

- Congratulate winner

- Talk to loser and give a training tip to help them

Floating: Greg, Jerry, Dan, Corey

Field 4

Koby - Stats/iPad

Jack - Coach

Field 5

Jake - Stats/iPad

Chase - Coach

Field 3

Hudson - Stats/iPad

Nolan - Coach

Field 6

Tucci - Stats/iPad

Jordan/Box - Coach

Field 2

Tyler - Stats/iPad

Zack - Coach

Field 7

Ted - Stats/iPad

Tommy - Coach

Field 1

Peyton - Stats/iPad

Colby - Coach

Field 8

Jax - Stats/iPad

Logan - Coach

For the round group play.  You will each get a schedule of the matchups with a note section to keep score.  We are not calculating total faceoff wins this year.  Just simply circle the winner of each match up.  Then whoever has the most head-to-head wins in each group is the group winner.  If there is a tie (say 2 kids are both 5-2) then the winner goes to whoever won their head-to-head matchup.  Way faster and easier.  

Here is the group play schedule per field. I will be giving you each your matchup schedule and stat sheet so you can use it for your fields.

FOANSX Field Schedule - Group Play: 11am - 3pm

(Players arrive at your field prepared 30 min prior to start time)

Field 4

Field 3

Field 2

Field 1

Field 5

Field 6

Field 7

Field 8

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