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The LoneStar Cup
Image by Wendy Aros-Routman

The 2023 Lone Star Cup 

JUNE 7, 2023

1 - 6:30PM


1001 E University Ave

Georgetown, TX 78626

After 7 years of success, the nationally recognized i95 cup team-based championship is expanding to the Cup Series and coming the the Lone Star State.

24 of the best FO men from across Texas are competing for

recruiting status as well as bragging rights for the top Texas area in the FaceOff

world. This event not only creates a competitive environment for area bragging

rights, but it gives scouts an opportunity to see the biggest FO names go head-to-head

in a properly officiated event with up-to-date collegiate rules.  

Lone Star Cup Tryouts will be held in:





Team members will receive:



Team Announcement Graphic

FOA warm up, Technique Instruction, Drills, Live Reps

Head to Head Combine


​The 2023 Lone Star Cup will be open to all Highschool/Rising Highschoolers.

1. 2023 Lone Star Cup will be held at: Southwestern University - Georgetown, TX

2. The event will be made up of 4 teams of 6 athletes from : Houston, Austin, Dallas, and the Outlaws - a group of players selected from their Film Application

3. Each team will be made up of classes 2023-2027


4. Teams will be built throughout the year at FOA events in these areas and each

area will have a final Tryout date.  


5. Pro Athletics is our official Uniform sponsor.  

6. Photo and Video on site for all tryouts, 

6. The event will be officiated with college level referees and will be recorded in

its entirety for Collegiate coaches.  

WHY THE Lone Star Cup?

As a faceoff midfielder, ever wonder what area of Texas produces the best?

Ever read about faceoff guys from other areas and wish you could go against them?

There are plenty of individual tournaments out there where individual players are

crowned champions, but what area has the overall best??

The Lone Star Cup is not your ordinary faceoff tournament.

It’s the ultimate challenge to see which AREA of Texas has the most talented

faceoff midfielders.

The top players from 4 different cities will meet for a 1 day tournament in an intense,

unique format.

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