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Image by Wendy Aros-Routman

The Faceoff Academy is dedicated to developing the lacrosse skills of every athlete through the highest quality of instruction. We strive to create well-rounded athletes with the ability to contribute to their teams offensively, defensively, and at the FaceOff Stripe. While physical skills are important, The Faceoff Academy recognizes that many times the mental game can be the difference between a good player and an elite player. Therefore, we place great emphasis on strengthening these skills. Although lacrosse is our main focus, we also seek to develop young men of character. The Faceoff Academy, above all else, takes pride in developing young men who are confident, and believe in hard work and discipline. 
Most importantly, The Faceoff Academy believes in live repetition as a way to improve as a faceoff specialist. The Faceoff Academy focuses on developing the following core techniques:

  1. Stance

  2. Moves

  3. Counters

  4. Groundball Work

  5. Wing Play

  6. Stickwork

  7. Shooting (ie. on the run)

  8. Lacrosse IQ

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