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Favorite FO Move Poll

  1. Clamp/Plunger - 77%:  By far the most popular first move for faceoff men at all levels.  A clamp is a top sidewall move with the intent of punching the right hand into the ball while rotating your forearm (Think turning a doorknob and opening a door simultaneously).  This puts the ball into the throat of the head and allows the player to direct the ball with precision.  A plunger is the same move except the player will also lift their left hand on the whistle which bends the plastic and pinches the ball into the back of the head allowing for supreme control.  

  2. Rake - 11%:  There are many versions of rakes, but they are all bottom sidewall dominant moves.  Meaning the bottom sidewall is what moves forward into the ball rather than the top sidewall (see clamp).  This move is very effective when done correctly and allows the player to slide under the opponent’s head to contact the ball.  It is harder to teach however and since most players learn by watching others, the rake is not scene nearly as often as the clamp.  

  3. Reverse Clamp - 7%:  A reverse clamp is an advanced move that requires a substantial amount of practice, very talented hand speed and reaction to the whistle as well as an opponent who is specifically susceptible to it. But when done at a high level the “RVC” can be devastating.  This move puts the ball directly into the front of the stick so the player can pick the ball right up off the turf and be an instant offensive threat.  

  4. Shovel Counter - 5%:  Part of the FO chess match.  The weakness to a plunger as the shovel goes directly under an opponent’s stick as their left hand comes off the ground and then lifts to pop the ball out to the player’s left side.  With so many players focusing on their clamps and plungers, it takes a particularly good faceoff student to make this an elite part of their arsenal.  But if an athlete is very good at this move, then they need not worry about very poor statistical games because this move is the ultimate neutralizer.  

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